Nurse Massage Therapy is grounded in nursing theory and implemented within the context of the nursing process. It possesses a specialized body of knowledge and therefore represents a distinct specialty in professional nursing practice. Nurse Massage Therapists provide professional services in various practice settings and receive fair reimbursement for their services.


Nurse Massage Therapy affirms nursing as both an art and a science whose primary purpose is to provide health care services that nurture and strengthen clients' ability to heal themselves.


Nurse Massage Therapy provides a holistic approach to health care, which is needed to balance the trend toward impersonal, technological-oriented health care. Using a variety of touch therapies, the Nurse Massage Therapist acts as a catalyst to facilitate clients’ ability to heal themselves.


NANMT members are committed to integrating massage and bodywork into various settings of contemporary nursing practice and health care. We work cooperatively with other health care professionals and with other nursing and massage/bodywork organizations.


NANMT members maintain a high level of integrity and accountability consistent with the NANMT Code of Ethics and Bylaws, and adhere to the laws and legal scope of practice set forth by the regulatory nursing agency where they practice, as well as the Standards of Practice for the Nurse Massage Therapist.


NANMT recognizes a human being as a unified field consisting of body,mind, spirit, and environment, and that holistic healing addresses each of these aspects.


NANMT Association members believe that Nurse Massage Therapy services greatly enhance client health and well-being through personalized touch-based therapies


NANMT is committed to the compilation of research supporting the efficacy of Nurse Massage Therapy, and integrating current research findings into practice.


NANMT members are committed to educate the medical community as well as health care consumers about the benefits of Nurse Massage Therapy.


NANMT members work in various practice settings. These include, but are not limited to private practice, joint practice with allied health professionals, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation units, community health, and hospices.


NANMT respects all modalities that enhance the healing process.